Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ms. Bonaparte's ELA & SS Homework:
Bud, Not Buddy- Chapter 15 notes
Australopithecus & Homo Habilis reading comprehension

Mrs. Kellogg- Science/ELA

2nd Read of "Should People Become Vegetarians?" 
* Reread the article. 
* Complete the 1st row of the "claim organizer" (find interesting details that are related and that stand out to you from reading the text closely) 

***** Hidden Message *******
 Congratulations for visiting this page! Complete the paragraph below about the Paleozoic Era and return to me tomorrow to receive a small treat from our team Elf. 

~ Mrs. Kellogg 

The __________ Era represents the time from 251 to 540 million years ago. This Era is sometimes referred to as the Age of _____________.  The __________ became the world's dominant species and their ___________ made them so successful. By late Paleozoic the land was inhabited by primitive plants. There was a mass ___________ that ended the era.

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